IBMA Awards- the final performance

9:28- Sam Bush did a fine job as host, I do believe. A final shout-out to William Smith Monroe.

9:29- I missed who was performing the instrumental- I heard George Shuffler’s name so I’m just going to sit back and listen a bit.

Real nice. Smooth. Okay, a dropped not there but they picked it up and took it home.

That was fine; not sure of the tune- my bluegrass depth is showing.

9:31- Del McCoury Band and Friends- Roland and Sam- now. I could listen to Del all day. A bit of rough there around the edges. There we go- now he’s in full voice. “The last letter she wrote was on a blue piece of paper…” Haven’t heard that in awhile. Going the medley route it looks like- swinging into “Loneliness and Desperation.”

A good show all around. Some fiddling going on as we hit 9:35. I can identify about 12 instrumental tunes- this isn’t one of them, but I know it. No guesses, just enjoying the sounds. “Roanoke,” perhaps? I’ll be glad to be corrected.

9:38- That’s all, folks.

I hope I have provided a service you appreciate tonight. I enjoyed listening and sharing.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald



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