Katy Moffatt & Andrew Hardin- Red Deer, October 1   Leave a comment

An amazing house concert occurred in Red Deer tonight with Texas-California songwriter Katy Moffatt appearing with long-time, intermittent collaborator Andrew Hardin. Fresh in voice, Katy has that rare ability to just rear back and open the pipes without the resulting singing sounding forced. Hardin, of course, was masterful on the guitar providing stunning accompaniment to Moffatt. No notes were taken but several personal favourites were performed including “This Heart…”, “Amelia’s…,” “Lefty’s Last Ride,” “Walkin’…”, and “Hank & Audrey.” She also played some new songs, each of which sounded familiar the first time through. The highlight for me was having a brief conversation with Katy about Loretta Lynn and the dark, twistedness that is “Papacita.” Katy performed that song at my request to kick-off the second set, which bumped “Midnight Radio” from the set; dang. A real fun night, great music, good people, wonderful food. Thanks to Laura and Andy for hosting the show. Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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