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Houston Jones Queen of Yesterday Summerhill Records

Veterans of the California Americana circuit, on their fifth album Houston Jones presents mature, thoughtful, and completely engaging roots music.

With a healthy mix of country, jazz, and rock influences, this past September Houston Jones brought me into their crazy little world of sounds. Before receiving Queen of Yesterday in the mail, I had never heard of the band. Since then I’ve returned to the album numerous times: it has accompanied me on early fall drives, I’ve listened to it when sitting in a dark and otherwise silent house interrupted only by the light from passing cars, and I’ve listened to it carefully while jotting notes.

The album works in all of those settings, providing new treats with each listen.

Seemingly rooted in free-flowing, jam-based performance, on Queen of Yesterday the five-piece Houston Jones band is tight and mostly laid back, bringing to mind to what a Tim O’Brien-fronted Bruce Hornsby group might sound like. Filled with deft picking, light, swinging instrumentation, and a soulful-smooth approach to vocals, Queen of Yesterday features several memorable songs including “Three Things” and “Monsoon Horizon.”

Travis Jones takes a calm approach to lead vocals, nothing is rushed or too intense and yet he manages to clearly convey each song’s emotion. In a land where “Midnight is the end of yesterday” Houston Jones cleverly play with shadow and sound to create an album ripe with imagination and intrigue, both lyrically and musically.

A generous album at 64-minutes, Queen of Yesterday’s dozen songs work individually and as a cohesive unit. A very strong album from an outfit I had never heard of two months ago  (www.HoustonJones.com)

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