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Leslie Alexander Nobody’s Baby Self-released

Somehow, I’ve missed Leslie Alexander until now. My bad.

A strong vocalist, Alexander doesn’t just sing her songs. She takes each word, each phrase, and inhabits it. She can sound loving one moment, scary the next and never does one feel that they aren’t hearing the singer’s true self.

“I’m on a crazy train, and nobody knows it but me” she sings early on this, her fourth release. Self-aware indeed, but by the end of the song she has pulled in companions for the journey.

She combines elements of Baby, Please Don’t Go and Lola to create NOLA, a terrific tribute to not only the enduring strength of New Orleans but to the affirmation of personal resilience. Black Widow is also about affirmation, but is less positive as pride and deception become equal partners. Drive All Night is a road song that can only end when ghosts of regret are exorcised.

With just a whiff of country in Alexander’s musical musings, Nobody’s Baby is a testament of fierce independence softened by a gentleness that reveals the heart that aches for the comfort that only a soul mate can provide.


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