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I’ve been writing about the various bluegrass charts for a little bit now. I find charts interesting, and used to follow things like radio countdown shows and Rolling Stone and Billboard charts. Now, I wonder if I only do this so that I can look down my nose at what is popular. I think that is likely the reason many of us watch award shows as well.

Over at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass last week, I wrote about how the Bluegrass Today chart was turned upside down, with only three songs being repeated from the week before. I even reflected that perhaps this revealed that the programmers and hosts had widened their listening in search of fresh songs. See that piece here, if you care:

Well, I was quite obviously wrong because this week’s chart goes back in time with almost all the songs that had disappeared from the previous week’s chart suddenly reappearing. See that chart here for the next few days:

You’ll notice the top song, Audie Blaylock’s “Cry, Cry Darlin'” rebounded from being well-off the Top 20, after being #7 the week before. Sierra Hull’s “Don’t Pick Me Up” went from #10 two weeks ago, to being off the chart, to being #2 this time out. Similar action is seen all down the chart.

What caused this and where did the ‘fresh’ songs all go? No idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised that if simply during  and following the US Thanksgiving week fewer reporting stations sent in their playlist numbers and therefore the results of the chart previous to the current one was an anomaly. Perhaps guest hosts took over while regular hosts were on a holiday break and had significantly different tastes.

I’m at a bit of a loss to explain it, but it was remarkable how similar the charts were at the end of November and this week and how different it was last week.

I can’t wait to see what the chart looks like this coming Friday.


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