Murray McLauchlan- Human Writes

Murray McLauchlan Human Writes (True North)

More than twenty-five years removed from radio hits, one could be forgiven for overlooking the first album in fifteen years from Murray McLauchlan. Forgiven, but not excused.  One of the true legends of Canadian folk and country music, McLauchlan still possesses ‘that’ voice- one  forgets how individual and distinct it is until given the opportunity to hear it again

Whether appreciating the simple pleasures of a life well-lived (“Pickin’ Up Mary Lou”) or considering the challenges tossed our direction (“Bad Times” and “Start Again”), McLauchlan has the creative ability to make each sentiment universal. Who doesn’t feel “Almost Constantly Confused” or felt overwhelmed by an “Ambitious Life”?

For McLauchlan, the answers to challenges are before us, even if we have to paint ourselves a door to escape. A beautiful package- initial copies of which come with McLauchaln’s signature scribbled inside- serves as a tidy little bonus in these days of minimal adornment and digital downloads.

(Originally published in the Red Deer Advocate, December 16 2011)

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