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Yesterday I stumbled upon Turnstyled Junkpiled, a site crafted by Courtney Sudbrink and this afternoon have spent a pleasant half-hour watching and listening to the videos she has posted as an L.A. tribute to Guy Clark. Less polished performances than those contained on the very excellent This One’s For Him: The Songs of Guy Clark, the performers within Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool Ya are completely unknown to me, excepting Brennen Leigh who accompanies Noel McKay. What is especially nice about this little video sequence is the inclusion of a couple songs not usually encountered when someone drops a Clark song into a set. “The Ballad of Laverne & Captain Flint” and “Queenie’s Song” are performed by Mark W. Lennon and Jackson Tanner respectfully, and are highlights. “Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool Ya” is given a fine performance by Brian Wright and the Ladies Gun Club. The video is mostly of the ‘point and shoot’ variety and the sound quality fluctuates- heck, there is an L.A. Freeway running beside one of the performers. Still, a good listen. I’ll have to further explore some of these L.A. based artists including The Far West. Also at Turnstyled Junkpiled is a nice little piece that includes the definitive Clark perspective on the difference between he and Townes Van Zandt: “Townes was really crazy and I’m not.” Read the entire piece here: A lot of effort went into this Guy Clark feature; well done Turnstyled Junkpiled.

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