Ron Hynes

A beautiful Sunday in Red Deer- fresh snow melting, the air warm and clean. I’ve spent most of today absorbed in school work, window open, and listening to Ron Hynes. I’m now four albums in- started with the newly purchased Ron Hynes album from 2006, then  Face to the Gale, Get Back Change, and now Stealing Genius from a couple years back has started.

A few minutes ago, as Ron sang “You could shoot off a cannon down the middle of Bond, And attract no attention in downtown St. John’s” within “No Change in Me,” a song he co-wrote with Murray McLauchlan a decade or so ago, I thought- sometimes- like today- I don’t need another bleeding folksinger when I’ve got Ron Hynes on the stereo.

And I don’t. Not today.

Ron Hynes is the real deal.

Put one of his albums on today and see if you don’t agree. That’s all I have.

Thanks, as always, for visiting Fervor Coulee.

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