Hit the Shuffle Button

This morning I’ve spent a few hours reading and listening to music, quietly, so as not to wake the house. Found myself following a few links, one of which took me to Robert Ellis Orrall and a couple of videos and http://www.countrycalifornia.com/lets-shuffle-shall-we/ for a ‘what are the next 20 songs that come up on your device’ feature. My 20 are posted below, with added thoughts- none too deep: [somehow italics came on and I can’t get it off; double sigh.]

1.Niall Toner- William Smith Monre (also the most played song in my iTunes)
2.Blaze Foley- Livin in the Woods in a Tree
3.Diana Jones- Cold Grey Ground
4.Foster and Lloyd- Picasso’s Mandolin (a Guy Clark song from their latest)
5.Dave Alvin- Johnny Ace is Dead (a standout track from Eleven Eleven)
6.Merry Clayton- Country Road
7.Dale Ann Bradley, Alison Krauss, and Steve Gulley- I’ll Take Love
8.Laura Branigan- Gloria (proof I didn’t cheat)
9. Fred J Eaglesmith- Johnny Cash (You sure do like Johnny Cash now, now that they’ve put him in the ground)
10.Joe Cocker- Look What You’ve Done
11.The Jolly Boys- Ring of Fire
12. Rosie Flores- God May Forgive You (But I Won’t) (I believe the first song I heard from Rosie; still my favourite)
13. Stone the Crows- Penicillin Blues
14. Sylvia- As Soon As I Find My Voice (a Cheryl Wheeler song)
15.Bobby Blue Bland- Two Steps from the Blues
16.Darrell Scott- Every Road Leads Back to You
17.Jane Hawley- Why Do I Always Fall for You (Alberta content, finally)
18.Jeff Black- New Love Song (one of several Nashville-based connections)
19.John K Samson- www.ipetitions.com/petition/rivertonrifle (not a link; a song encouraging Reggie Leach’s induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame
20. John Paul Keith- Too Hip and
21. Katrina Leskanich- My Open Arms (of & the Waves)

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