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This guy came up on shuffle today. Who came up on yours?

Every once in a while, a website will ask readers to consider posting the first 10, 20, or 25 songs to come up on their music player set to shuffle. I enjoy such things because a) they appeal to my random nature, and b) I’m always glad to be sent on a trip to explore an artist, song, or album I’ve not previously encountered. Today I spent several hours working at the computer on a university paper and had the machine on shuffle. I found the mix to be quite interesting and thought I would share the last 30 songs that came up. Feel free to leave a comment with your most recent shuffle list.

1. Roger Daltrey- “Fallen Angel” from Under A Raging Moon: Fabulously over-blown, I downloaded this album and a couple tracks from Parting Should Be Painless late one night when I had too many iTunes credits and not enough sense considering I have both albums on vinyl and haven’t listened to either in two decades. Non-descript Daltrey; I was more pleased with a recent download of his Edmonton concert from last fall.

2. Doc Watson and David Grisman- “In the Pines” from Dawg Plays Big Mon: A recent download-only set from Acoustic Disc.

3. Dave Alvin- “Mary Brown” from Blackjack David: A song about a stupid man in love with the wrong woman. It could be a hundred years old.

4. Kate Campbell- “New South” from Two Nights in Texas: a live album. If I had to pick my favourite singer to listen to while reading Oxford American, it would be Kate Campbell. I love everything she does, and my friend Levene does, too.

5. Joan Armatrading- “Heading Back to New York City” from Live at the Royal Albert Hall: Even when she isn’t performing a song I particularly care for, as here, I appreciate Joan Armatrading.

6. Carrie Rodriguez- “Before You Say Another Word” from Live in Louisville: Shuffle is strange- third live album in a row. Also, third female artist, and an artist I recently posted about regarding a house concert.

7. Kim Carnes- “Just To See You Smile” from Chasin’ Wild Trains: The acoustic version of the song. Nothing like doing something special for the one you love. There is a wonderful song called “Lucid Dreams” on the same album, performed with Chuck Prophet. I went through a Carnes phase this past autumn; it only lasted a weekend, but I put together a fairly solid compilation as a result.

8. John Paul Keith- “The Last Last Call” from The Man That Time Forgot Nothing to say; good album.

9. The Vern Williams Band- “Cowboy Jack” from Bluegrass From the Gold Country: I still haven’t listened to this album in its entirely as it was a fairly recent purchase. Hardcore, west coast bluegrass.

10. Cliff Richard- “Devil Woman”: “We Don’t Talk Anymore” from Rock n Roll Juvenile  was my introduction to Sir Cliff. In 1979 I was working at Dairy Queen with a woman who was a life-long Richard fan and was basking in his North American resurgence. Over time, I came to appreciate bits and pieces of his legacy.

11. Deep Dark Woods- “Charlie’s (Is Coming Down)” from CBC Radio 2’s Great Canadian Song Quest: A strong set of modern music about my country.

12. Mark Erelli & Jeffery Foucault- “Philadelphia Lawyer” from Seven Curses: An album of killing songs. Not a song I’ve ever particularly connected with- similar to “Pancho and Lefty” in that regard. I always enjoy Mark Erelli and I’ve written about his music a number of times…which reminds me, need to visit his sight for his monthly free download; I only remember every second month. Turns out- a nice version of Richard Thompson’s “Dry My Tears and Move On.” Thanks, Mark; makes up for the fact that you’ll be in Edmonton next weekend with Lori McKenna and I won’t be. Someday we’ll cross paths!

13. The Inmates- “Turn Back The Hands of Time” from Fast Forward: “Jealousy” from their First Offense album came up earlier in the day. Pub rock wearing a blues overcoat. When I was in grade ten, I doubt there was another album I played more than First Offence.

14. Feargal Sharkey- “After the Mardi Gras” from Songs from the Mardi Gras: Big fan of The Undertones. Just as big a fan of Feargal’s solo albums. Not a common combination, that. For the longest time, I didn’t even know this album existed. Found it on another of those long nights spent cruising iTunes.

15. Dave Alvin- “King of California” from The Best of the Hightone Years: Love my Dave Alvin. I’m not sure why, but when I’m thinking of my favourite singers, I don’t often include Alvin. But, he is.

16. Blaze Foley- “Our Little Town” from Duct Tape Messiah

17. Bobby Osborne & the Rocky Top X-Press- “Muddy Waters” from New Bluegrass and Old Heartaches: the legend’s latest; again, recently downloaded so I haven’t listened carefully all the way through. Love his voice, as always.

18. The Charles River Valley Boys- “Paperback Writer” from Beatle Country. Downloaded because of the Joe Val connection. Can’t say I really enjoy the album.

19. Steve Forbert- “Baby, Don’t” from Over the years, Forbert has given away a couple hundred songs on his site. Not so much recently.

20. Jerry Salley with Del McCoury- “Under a Lonesome Moon” from New Song, Old Friends: One of the many fine guest appearances Del has made over the years. Salley has long been familiar to those of us who scan songwriting credits.

21. Donal Hinely- “Half as Much as Nick Lowe” from Blue State Boy: Could be my theme song: “What am I, without you?”

22. Tom T. Hall- “The Barn Dance” from Country Songs for Children: Purchased as a result of being assigned last year’s Eric Brace-Peter Cooper tribute album. “There was a chicken doing the ‘Chicken Reel’…and the old cow did the ‘Cow Cow Boogie.'”

23. Cheryl Wheeler- “One Step at a Time” from Pointing at the Sun: An album I haven’t spent enough time with.

24. The Carter Brothers- “Hear Jerusalem Moan” from Cracks in the Floor. Another of my less financially rewarding writing gigs. I was asked to review The Carter Brothers’ latest album by a website on the increasingly standard agreement of having the album sent to me digitally. Then, I spend twenty dollars on iTunes to listen to the duo’s previous releases as background. While the music was terrific, it is these kinds of business decisions that conspire to keep me in the negative.

25. J. R. Shore- “The Story of Sugar” from Talkin’ On A Bus: Beautiful Alberta music. Piano. Harmonica. A talking, country blues that hits another level once Jan McKittrick comes in.

26. John Anderson- “1959” from John Anderson: He has always had a great voice, and it was all that more remarkable in the early 80s when I first heard him singing “Swingin’.” I didn’t realize, at the time, that someone could sound like that! Maybe Anderson was my introduction to distinctive voices. Well, other than Mouth, of Mouth & MacNeal and the guy singing the “Oogachugga” bits on “Hooked on a Feeling.”

27. Red Molly- “Gulf Coast Highway” from James: This trio garnered quite a bit of attention a couple years ago, but they didn’t grab me a strongly as they did others. Still, this track with Fred Gillen, Jr., is a pretty sweet interpretation of the Nanci Griffith classic.

28. The Pretenders- “Break Up the Concrete” from Break Up the Concrete: Just in case I was getting a little soft.

29. Chumbawamba- “All Fur Coat and No Knickers” from The Boy Bands Have Won: Which, I assume, is similar in meaning to wearing a $50 tie with a ten dollar shirt. Chumbawamba announced their dissolution last month. Quite enjoyed the band.

30. Joe Pug- “A Thousand Men” from In the Meantime: Seems like a good way to end the evening. “Each good idea kills at least a thousand men.”




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