IBMA Awards 2012, part 14

Just had someone ask why I’m not happy for Sammy Shelor. As Forbert sang, If you have to ask, you’ll never know…

This has gone fast- only seven more awards along with the H of F inductions.

Eddie Stubbs comes to the stage. Must be Hall of Fame time. I could listen to his voice all day.

Doyle Lawson, very well deserving. No argument. As Stubbs has itemized, a broad career of excellence. And by God, he’s still alive! I really don’t get those jackets and ties, tho. While he is rambling a bit, I appreciate that the producers of this show are allowing him his time to say what he wants, to mention those who matter to him, to recall the moments that brought him to this place. Well done.

Good to see Eddie and Martha-

Recorded Event of the Year

  • Beyond The Sunset by Doyle Lawson, Russell      Moore, Jamie Dailey & Josh Swift (artists); Bob Kelley, Jack      Campitelli & Darrel Adkins (producers); Rural Rhythm Records
  • Life Goes On”by Carl      Jackson, Ronnie Bowman, Larry Cordle, Jerry Salley, Rickey Wasson, Randy      Kohrs, D.A. Adkins, Garnet Bowman, Lynn Butler, Ashley Kohrs, Gary Payne,      Dale Pyatt, Clay Hess, Alan Bibey, Jay Weaver, Ron Stewart & Jim      VanCleve (artists); Bob Kelley, Jack Campitelli & Darrel Adkins      (producers); Rural Rhythm Records
  • Monroe by Special Consensus with      Josh Williams & Chris Jones (artists); Alison Brown (producer);      Compass Records
  • Old Violin by Larry Cordle &      Michael Cleveland (artists); Bob Kelley, Jack Campitelli & Darrel      Adkins (producers); Rural Rhythm Records
  • Singing As We Rise by The Gibson Brothers      (artists); Eric Gibson, Mike Barber & Leigh Gibson (producers);      Compass Records

Only one possibility here, dangnabbit. I predict “Life Goes On” cause it is a sucky ass song and they seem to be popular, but “Monroe” had better win…’cause it is my taste that matters. Seconds away…from Special C’s first IBMA award…no- I hate to say I saw this one coming. “Life Goes On” but stands still while this song is playing. Yes, I know it was for a good cause, but charity doesn’t have to sound poorly, does it? Wake me up when it is over.



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