IBMA Awards 2012, part 19   Leave a comment

Dang, lost my feed as Ms. Gray was speaking.

Who won entertainer of the year? I went over to Sirius XM, but they seem to be a bit behind the video feed as Dailey and Vincent just wrapped as I logged onto Sirius.

Got my video feed back, and I guess I only missed the review of the momentum awards, which I can’t help but smirk a little at- a bit of patting each other on the back, stroking the chosen few- but even more obviously than with most awards.

Entertainer of the Year

  • Dailey & Vincent
  • The Gibson Brothers
  • Alison Krauss & Union      Station
  • Steve Martin & Steep      Canyon Rangers
  • Russell Moore & IIIrd      Tyme Out

AKUS is the only band I’ve seen live of late. They’ve done more for the music over the years than the others, I do believe it could be argued. Still, I won’t be surprised (or disappointed) if Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers repeat…the award goes to The Gibson Brothers. I didn’t see that one coming, obviously. Maybe I’m not the only one tired of Jamie Dailey’s schtick.

Now, I’m sitting back to watch and listen to the Earl Scruggs tribute. Should be amazing. Youtube it, y’all.




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