Grant Davidson on tour- Red Deer October 11   Leave a comment

I few weeks back I got an email from a musician with whom I was unfamiliar. His name is Grant Davidson, and he is becoming a favourite. I love that I have the opportunity to listen to so many artists, if albeit sometimes in a delayed manner, that I would otherwise have missed. Grant is from Winnipeg, a town south of Selkirk.

His most recent album is called Dust and Violets, and is nothing short of stunning. Concisely written songs that spare nothing in creating vivid images and heartfelt connections within a true sense of Canadian place, even when he has Vermont on his mind. He’s one of those guys, like Gordie Tentrees, Kevin Welch, and heck, John Wort Hannam that straddles the intersecting lines of folk and country to create something that is of both and yet neither. He reminds me a little of Bon Iver, except I want to play Grant’s music more than twice.

He is on tour, but the only date he provided me with was

Oct. 3 – Inspire Cafe – Medicine Hat
Oct. 5 – Palomino – Calgary: a great place for food and a beer
Oct. 8 – Owl Acoustic Lounge – Lethbridge
Oct. 10 – Wunderbar – Edmonton
Oct. 11 – Velvet Olive – Red Deer

highlighted by his October 11 gig at Red Deer’s Velvet Olive, a venue I never visited in all of my 21 years in the city. Something I’ve regretted many times, especially now that I’ve moved from there.

Don’t make my mistake- visit the Velvet Olive and be introduced to Grant Davidson- you’ll be impressed, I’m confident.

As always, thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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