The12 Roots Songs of Christmas- #2

Just a couple of days to Christmas, and my series of Roots Songs of Christmas is coming to a close. There are so many songs and performances I wish I could have included, and- rather than having a non-roots song of Christmas today- I will provide links to some of these down below.

I had considered going all Bah, Humbug today, but I couldn’t find a link to Tim O’Brien’s song of the same name. “Santa Bloody Claus” was an option, but while I love both of these songs, I don’t want to go down that path this year. I’d rather keep things focused on more traditional meanings of Christmas.

untitledAnd things don’t get much more traditional than the birth of Jesus Christ. Today, my Roots Song of Christmas is an entire album, bluegrass songwriter and artist Donna Ulisse’s All the Way to Bethlehem. Much like Kimmie Rhodes’ Miracle on Christmas Day, Ulisse has chosen to go all the way and write an entire album focused around Christmas; this set is focused on her interpretation of the events leading up to and following the birth of Christ.

The album obviously has a Christian rather than secular approach to Christmas. From the immaculate conception (“You Will Be Delivered”,) to Joseph’s confusion (“He’s Not Mine,”) to an interpretation of the events at the inn (“You Cannot Stay Here,”) to the star leading the three kings (“I’m Gonna Shine“) Ulisse’s (along with her collaborators) interpretation of Scripture and the Christmas story is both interesting and listenable. I believe “Let the World Wait for a Little While” will become a seasonal favourite.

Considering the number of songs that already exist about the first Christmas, all the traditional songs that we grew up on, it is pretty remarkable that Ulisse has been able to create new and inspirational music that forges new ground: a listen to “He Is Here” provides ample evidence of this.

The music is varied, some touches of bluegrass, a bit of contemporary Christian-pop sounds, and some country, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. But, one admires the energy and focus- not to mention talent and vision- that went into All the Way to Bethlehem.

Honourable mention today goes to The Father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass

A Christmas bluegrass set I've almost plum wore out
A Christmas bluegrass set I’ve almost plum wore out

Boys with “Christmas Time’s A-Comin’;” this clip is from the old Nashville Network Ralph Emery show.

As for the other songs that I couldn’t fit in before tomorrow’s all-time best Roots Song of Christmas, and really it will be the only song on the list that I consider to be in any sort of order, there are links to more; happy exploring.

Jack Johnson “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” in which Johnson has rewritten the popular song into the tale of self-determination it should have been all along.

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s excellent “Bells are Ringing” from her Come Darkness, Come Light album of a few years back.

Eric Bogle “Santa Bloody Claus

Chuck Brodsky “Toast to the Woman in the Holler

The Be Good Tanyas “Rudy

Mary Gauthier “Christmas in Paradise

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper “Silent Night

The Indigo Girls “I Feel the christmas Spirit

Chris Rea “Driving Home for Christmas

Chris deBurgh “A Spaceman Came Traveling

As well as a couple I couldn’t find links to, Jane Hawley “Christmas in Montreal” which is on her Letters to Myself album and Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum’s entire Winter’s Grace album.

Thanks for checking in at Fervor Coulee. Tomorrow, what I consider the all-time best Roots Christmas Song.

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