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Thanks, faithful readers, for sticking with me through the 12 Roots Songs of Christmas series. I hope you found discussion of interests and links that took you to places you didn’t expect.

It is in that spirit that I share a few more links with you. As you know, Rachel Sweet fans don’t come much bigger than me. I thought I knew most everything there was to know, and had seen most every clip possible to see, but the Internet will school you every time. It did again this past week when I discovered, through some Googling and link clicking, a site I hadn’t previously visited but believe I had seen in a previous format, Appolo Zero`s Rachel Sweet page. Many things- clips, clippings, transcripts- that I hadn’t seen. There was also a video clip from early days of Rachel singing, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” Not her finest moment by a long shot, but some additional searching uncovered two additional clips from the same broadcast.

Rachel Sweet has nothing to do with roots music, aside from her very early countryimagesCATP1XGQ singles. But she is someone whose music I’ve long admired and I know there are others out there who would like to see these clips, so I share the links in that spirit. There is also a pair of verisons of, “Baby, Let’s Play House” that I hadn’t tripped across before.

Of interest, at least, if not of superior quality. Considering I don’t recall having heard of these clips, I’m guessing they haven’t been widely distributed.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day” which gets cut off, dang me.

Baby, Let’s Play House” and a production number of the same, which is kinda disturbing.


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