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This past week I was troubled to learn that a favourite singer and songwriter, Kasey Anderson, had been indicted on (U.S.) federal fraud charges. I hadn’t heard anything about Anderson’s difficulties and completely missed this story as it started to unfold publicly in December.

This story, from last week, updates Kasey Anderson’s troubling recent past.

I have Anderson’s website bookmarked on my computer, and click on the link every once in awhile. More than a year ago, I was entirely enthralled with the guy, especially his biting sense of self-deprecation. I wrote a post about him, and made a pretty (in retrospect) vivid comment about him near the conclusion of the post. I had been wondering what was going on with the guy as few updates were occuring. I guess, now I know.

A vast understatement, but mental illness is something so complex and individual that sound bites on the evening news can’t do it justice. Anderson’s behaviours and associated unraveling reflects this. However, others closer to the scene appear to have much less sympathy for his behaviours. Reading the comments associated with the December article above suggest Anderson’s behaviour has been questionable for a long while.

I hope things work out for the guy. I still love his music.


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