Stompin’ Tom Connors has passed   2 comments

When I saw the headline, I felt something in my chest: that sinking feeling of momentary shock, that pit of surprise you descend into for a few seconds. Canada has lost its biggest supporter. I am serious when I write that I learned as much about Canada from listening two or three Stompin’ Tom albums,  as I retained from two different university Canadian history courses. Added: Link to an hour and a half of classic STC. Gettin’ stinko, more recent. And Canadian polititians. How could I forget “Margo’s Cargo“?


2 responses to “Stompin’ Tom Connors has passed

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  1. Donald, after all my years following the excellent roots music in Canada, not to mention bird dogging Ian Tyson for decades, being a big fan of Hank Snow, etc., I had never heard of Stompin Tom. May he rest in peace.

  2. Stompin’ Tom was an i(can)con, and as stated in many of the stories written last night absolutely refused to consider branching out to markets outside of Canada; his songs told the stories of Canadians- past and present- much like Pete Seeger’s and Woody Guthrie’s do/did about Americans, albeit while stompin on a chunk of board. I’ve added some links to the original post; worth checking out, and they may explain why Canadians are a little different from others…or show how Canadians are different from others Not that we all get stinko on a Saturday night.

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