The Story Behind…The Special Consensus

untitledOver at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass, I’ve posted the first in what I am hoping will be an ongoing series about the origins of bluegrass band names. First up, thanks to the skills of Greg Cahill, is the story behind The Special Consensus, one of bluegrass music’s longest running outfits. The link should get you there.

I’ve been so pleased to watch the accession of The Special C. While they have long been a personal favourite, until the last year they have been less well-known, from my perspective, than they should have been within the wider bluegrass world. Within the piece, I touch on what I believe has made the difference, but one has to admire Greg Cahill’s tenacity and ongoing focus in producing a body of work that should be the envy of later generations of bluegrass bandleaders. That you can hear the group daily on the bluegrass satellite channel is a rather recent and overdue development, especially when one considers the track record of the group.

I hope you enjoy reading about The Special Consensus. Pass the word- I’m looking for other bluegrass bands to feature.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

4 thoughts on “The Story Behind…The Special Consensus

  1. So I am thinking to myself, I wonder if I have any Special C in my library? Didn’t think so but I checked anyway. No Special C between Larry Spark Blue Mtn Memories and Bruce Springsteen’s Lucky Town.

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