I have made it to Kansas City!   2 comments

Insert Wilbert Harrison cliché at your leisure.

I was fortunate this past winter to have one of my supervisors suggest a course of training. Upon investigation, I discovered the only session being offered over my spring break was in Kansas City! As a result, not only do I get to do some much-needed professional development this week, I also have the opportunity to extend my stay and explore the music- and food- of a city that has increasingly intrigued me for several years.

In addition to the workshop that will benefit my professional growth, I get to finally (if the river doesn’t rise in the next two days) catch Bob Walkenhorst at The Record Bar Wednesday evening. I’ve written about my admiration of Walkernhorst (and The Rainmakers) before, and I am thrilled to have this long-held wish finally come to fruition.

I spent this afternoon exploring the area around my hotel, and while the streets still seem to go every which direction, some of the landmarks are beginning to look familiar. Should you see a pasty Canadian wandering the streets of Westport this week, feel free to point me in the correct direction. I must have walked fifty blocks this afternoon, and this comes on a couple of hours of non-restful sleep on the redeye to Toronto and a pair of commuters to Chicago and finally the City of Fountains (I learned that one today.)

I found The Record Bar on my second trip- went west (I think) this time instead of north. I was pleased that the bar looks and feels almost exactly like I had imagined it while listening to many Walkenhorst broadcasts from the venue. It is in a strip mall, beside a dollar store, an Ace Hardware and a Half-Price Books and Records store. The bartender is an affable guy named Clarence, and he recommended a tasty beverage for a warming afternoon.

Upon entering the Record Bar, I discovered that another favourite- Rex Hobart- has his monthly gig tomorrow evening, so I’ll be back in for that. As well, I have my Middle of the Map fest ticket ready, and while I don’t know how many shows I’ll be able to catch, I do know I’ll be back at The Record Bar for Joe Pug. By the time I leave the city this weekend, perhaps everyone will know my name. As well, Amy LaVere is in town this week, so I’ll need to find Knuckleheads.

While my days will be filled with heavy lifting as I develop additional skills, my evenings should be rich in roots music. And I can hardly wait to taste my first meal of Kansas City BBQ, as recommended by Dr. Winnie Dunn.

First up though, a nap. I am running on empty and have full days facing me. Wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


2 responses to “I have made it to Kansas City!

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  1. Hi Donald,
    I spent several fun days in KC about 10 years ago while attending a friend’s graduation.
    The Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame is located in KC.
    I received the cd’s last week, thanks for remembering.
    Be safe, travel well.

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