Tina Adair Band- Born Bad review

untitledI’ve posted my review of the Tina Adair Band’s new album Born Bad over at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass. I was very impressed with this collection, a set that marks a return to bluegrass recording for Tina Adair and her husband, Tim Dishman. The review can be found here. While researching the piece, I found this concert footage of the band from a couple years back; select songs from Born Bad are featured.

2 thoughts on “Tina Adair Band- Born Bad review

  1. Excellent job, Donald. Thanks for mentioning the small print and the auto play issues. All the best, Dru I left a “thanks for the cds” comment for you on one of your posts last month. Thanks again.

  2. Yup, got it. Sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your previous ‘thanks.’ Hope you enjoyed the music. Autoplay drives me absolutely batty; usually I’m already listening to music when looking at websites, so the interruption is seldom apprciated. Any Record Store events in your area? I’m heading into the city tomorrow to my favourite little shop, but not much on the RSD list seems be of interest.

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