Polaris Music Prize 2013

A few weeks ago, I submitted my ‘first ballot’ for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. It looked like this:

#1 = Neil Young – Psychedelic Pill
#2 = J. R. Shore – State Theatre
#3 = Corb Lund – Cabin Fever
#4 = John Reischman – Walk Along John
#5 = Maria Dunn – Piece By Piece

Of those brilliant albums, only Corb Lund’s Cabin Fever made the 40 Long List titles. Much as I suspected, but I don’t believe in ‘strategic’ voting. I was surprised and disappointed that Psychedelic Pill was overlooked.

Now that Cabin Fever is firmly in the #1 spot on my final ballot, I need to flesh-out the next four positions before ballots are due later this month. I was recently asked to write an argument advocating for Cabin Fever and that will be posted to the Polaris site shortly; for a viewing of the Long List, go HERE.

I have several albums competing for my attention, but as of today, my Long List ballot has on it Lund, Old Man Luedecke, Danny Michel & the Garifuna Collective, Kobo Town, and the Besnard Lakes. Al Tuck, Jim Guthrie, Hayden, Lee Harvey Osmond, and a couple others are doing their best to worm their way in. No easy decisions.

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