Roots Song of the Week: Lori McKenna “Susanna”   Leave a comment

7371003592_9357147070_zI have been tempted to start a series highlighting a weekly favourite song, but have hesitated because time is always at such a premium: why start what you may not continue? has been the argument. This morning, I am inspired: why not at least start?

This week I purchased Lori McKenna’s Massachusetts, her new release produced by the superbly talented Mark Erelli. I’ve bought McKenna’s music before, but can’t say I’m a fan: I respect her, and can enjoy her music, but it hasn’t really ‘struck’ me the way I need to be, well, hit.

That changed this morning when I went to ‘catch up’ on disc burning and noticed the song title, “Susanna.” Interesting, I thought. “Susan” or “Suzanne” I could see as a song title, but “Susanna?” I only know of one Susanna…could it be?

Indeed, the song opens with the lyric, “Susanna, what’s he gonna do without you; when you know, he’s not meant for this world alone.” And I knew. This is a beautifully crafted song of tribute to Susanna Clark, who passed away last year. You can hear the song HERE and it can be purchased at all the usual outlets. McKenna speaks of the song HERE within a nicely constructed interview.

I don’t know if I’ll be consistent with Roots Song of the Week, but I’m hopeful. There is no shortage of candidates. Just time.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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