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Not that Stereogum needs me to post a link to their site (I’m sure they get more hits in half an hour than I do in two months) but I came across an extensive piece written by Ryan Leas. I love lists, and I love disagreeing with them. What is rare is finding an essay, and that is what this is, that is so detailed and well informed. That I agree with many of his points helps (really, what was Bruce thinking with “Outlaw Pete”?), but ultimately doesn’t matter. His is a fine piece of writing containing well-considered if occasionally ill-informed opinions. You can find the 19 albums rated here.

For the record, minor quibbling aside, I would have rated Greetings from Asbury Park, The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle and Born In the USA significantly lower than did Leas, and The Seeger Sessions, Devils & Dust, and The River significantly higher. Most likely, my top 3 would be Born to Run, Nebraska, and Darkness on the Edge of Town, with Darkness at #1.

What is obvious is that Bruce Springsteen has taken very few missteps when releasing albums.


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