Roots Song of the Week: John Reischman & the Jaybirds- “Blackberry Bramble”

the road westTyping on a borrowed, slow computer from Vancouver Island, so I’m going to be quick. Had you asked a week ago my opinion on blackberries, I would have said, “Nugh.” Then I tasted them straight off the bush yesterday. They are so good- sweet and mushy…lovely- they melt in my mouth. I went back and picked another paper coffee cup full this afternoon- always thinking of reuse opportunities. They grow everywhere out here- along the roads, in the ditches, down by the ocean.

So, this week’s Roots Song of the Week comes from John Reischman & the Jaybirds- a Trisha Gagnon composition entitled “Blackberry Bramble” featured on their excellent album, The Road West

As I learned…twice…there is nothing as unforgiving as a blackberry bramble. Tougher than a raspberry bush any day.


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One thought on “Roots Song of the Week: John Reischman & the Jaybirds- “Blackberry Bramble”

  1. Thanks, Donald.
    We will be celebrating two birthday’s with dinner on Vashon this Sunday.
    not the ocean, Puget Sound or Salish Sea

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