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untitledThe dog days of summer are upon us. As wonderful as any summer day should be, there is something a bit more special about sun-filled days when you know there are only a select few remaining before the coolness of the evening begins invading the afternoons.

I love baseball. Simple as that. I love watching a game, whether on television or more rarely (okay, almost never) live. Still, I don’t follow the major leagues at all. For all I know, the Astros are still in the National League. I couldn’t name more than four players on any team other than the Blue Jays, and maybe the Giants. The personalities, the standings, the detailed stats mean nothing in my world. (But ask me about the ’75 Reds!) I just want to watch the game.

As everyone knows, the biggest baseball story of the summer has been about the cheaters, the juicers and the like. Rather than dwell on better baseball through injections, I thought this week was a great opportunity to feature a song by someone who isn’t really on my roots radar singing about a ball player who had his best seasons before I was born.

John McDermott is a Canadian singer with whom I only have passing familiarity as he is firmly in the MOR category of singing styles, not really my thing. No doubt, the man can sing. Since the first time I heard “The Ballad of Roger Maris” this spring, I have gained additional regard for the singer.

By any standard, “The Ballad of Roger Maris” is a great song, and McDermott’s performance of it is incredible. Don’t believe me- LISTEN. When he sings, “That was God and me, not a pharmacy, who gave you 61,” it should resonate with all who earn for days when we didn’t have to have some doubt about athletes’ accomplishments.

It sounds like a baseball song should sound, in my opinion.

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