Dale Ann Bradley- coming to Edmonton October 17, 2013   Leave a comment

daleannquarterpageI’ve lamented the lack of quality bluegrass in the area over the past few winters, mostly to myself but I’ve groused aloud here a few times. Fact is, I haven’t been too motivated to get off the chesterfield to go to the city for bluegrass. That will change later this autumn as the Northern Circle Bluegrass Music Society of Edmonton has booked in Dale Ann Bradley for the evening of October 17, a Thursday night- which is three kinds of inconvenient- but necessary as she is booked for their Fall Workshop the following weekend.

Information about the concert is here.

Information about the fall workshop is here. A great roster of instructors, including the bulk of Dale Ann’s band, other prominent bluegrassers, and local masters.

By announcing this show on their website- I heard about it a bit more than a month ago- this week, Northern gives me an excuse to feature Dale Ann’s interpretation of “Summer Breeze” as my Roots Song of the Week. Catch her performance with bandmate Steve Gulley at Bean Blossom earlier this year. (Not sure on the banjo picker’s name- looks like Stuart Wyrick, but…)

It is the last week of August, and fall is already in the air if the yellowed leaves on the trees along Highway 13 are any indication- they actually look sickly, not simply turning. Anyhow, Dale’s version of “Summer Breeze” makes me think summer may last just a little longer.

As always, thank you for dropping around Fervor Coulee. Donald

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