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As an aside, for the first time that I can remember, I find myself scratching my head when it comes to every category within the instrumental nominees- some of the folks on the various lists are inactive or barely active on a professional level, others haven’t recorded or toured too much and some don’t even play bluegrass.

Feeling really out of sorts, having missed the start of the broadcast. Can’t really enjoy the music as I’m trying to catch up a little. Male Vocalist:

Jamie Dailey
Russell Moore
Tim O’Brien
Marty Raybon
Junior Sisk

This is a category whose ballot choices I would almost entirely rewrite realizing that those above can sing: I would be looking at   Bobby Osborne, Junior Sisk, Chris Jones, Robert Earl, Peter Rowan, Eric Gibson, James King although he hasn’t released anything in too long,  but has an album coming right away. I would have voted- given the ballot- for Junior Sisk, and he just won. Recording “Old Bicycle Chain” should have cost him this one.

Banjo Player of the Year:

J.D. Crowe

Mike Munford

Sammy Shelor

Ron Stewart

Scott Vestal

I’m still convinced a very good banjo player- Mike Munford- was only nominated because folks mistakenly thought he was a member of Mumford and Sons, but.. I would have added Nick Hornbuckle (John Reischman & the Jaybirds) and Richard Bailey to the ballot.

Munford just won- rather unexpected: I guess he has more cachet than I thought. As he suggested, a clerical error. A surprise, if nothing else. Given his work on Frank Solivan’s latest album, well-deserved.



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