IBMA Awards 2013, Part 4   Leave a comment

I’m getting the feeling that Compass Records is taking over the industry!

Mills and Baucom announcing female vocalist of the year:

Dale Ann Bradley

Sonya Isaacs

Claire Lynch

Amanda Smith

Rhonda Vincent

All have great vocals although Claire Lynch doesn’t sing what I consider to be bluegrass; still, how can these singers be overlooked regularly, and in some cases, always:  Brooke Aldridge, Dara Wray, Tina Adair, Laurie Lewis, Kathy Kallick, Trisha Gagnon- I would have voted for my favourite, DAB. Claire Lynch wins, not surprisingly as she has a couple times in the past. Her “Dear Sister” album may be well produced and well executed…but it ain’t bluegrass, in my opinion.

I’m not criticizing anyone who thinks differently, but I just don’t ‘hear’ bluegrass when I hear her music.

Guitar Player of the Year:

Jim Hurst

Tony Rice

Kenny Smith

Bryan Sutton

Josh Williams

To which I would add Jim Nunally

Richard Bennett.

I wrote down Sutton’s name, but could have picked Hurst as well. Looks like IBMA voters went my direction, with Bryan Sutton getting it again. I’ll have to do some revising tonight, to add in details like # of wins cause the IBMA site isn’t working for me still; I think this is his 7th win.



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