IBMA Awards 2013, Part 5   Leave a comment

Not sure why Marty Raybon is there. Just my editorial piece. I liked him as Shenandoah’s singer, but not so much as a bluegrasser: realizing I am not the majority. Emerging Artists of the Year:

Della Mae
Flatt Lonesome

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
The Spinney Brothers

The Darrell Webb Band

Rather than Flatt Lonesome, I would have had Blue Mafia on my list. I know I fake voted for the Darrell Webb band, but Della Mae just won. I hope they continue their development.

Mandolin Player of the Year:

Wayne Benson
Jesse Brock
Sam Bush
Sierra Hull

Adam Steffey

And, by now it goes without saying…John Reischman would have been on my list. I voted for Steffey, and he gets it again. For the 10th time. He is a monster, and I don’t begrudge him this one. Still, someday the bluegrass world has to wake up to the magic John Reischman produces. Adam Steffey gives good speech.


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