IBMA Awards 2013, Part 6   Leave a comment

IIIrd Tyme Out playing “Gentle on my Mind,” one of the all-time great songs. Not sure it was one of the top five songs released between April 1 and March 31. I would have had many others ahead of it. No doubt, Russell Moore can sing.

Wish I knew what was coming next so I could prepare something!

The Hall of Fame inductees:


Tony Rice

Paul Warren

As much as I respect them, I have a hard time with the H of F, and will have, until Hazel Dickens is named. Have I flogged this horse before?

Someone on the feed just compared Ron Stewart’s voice to Sam Elliot’s! All I can say, is I wish I had thought of that, because it is perfect. The feed keeps cutting out, so I am missing the acceptance, but Ron’s induction speech was darn good.

Criticize the IBMA all you like, but they do a great job of HofF inductions. I just wish Hazel had been given the opportunity to experience such before she died.

At least they are getting Tony Rice in there while he’s breathing; that is the way it should be. Lost the feed entirely now. I believe the Earls of Leicester are to perform, and I don’t want to miss that- Johnny Warren, Bales, O’Brien, Flux, and Shawn Camp. Someone else? Charlie Cushman, maybe. No feed. Dang me.


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