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Lost my feed entirely; disappointing, but considering I didn’t pay for it…

Have a frozen image of

RECORDED EVENT OF THE YEAR on the screen, so guessing. The nominees are:

Another Night,” Alan Bibey, Wayne Benson and Russell Moore, produced by Alan Bibey & Wayne Benson, Pinecastle

Golden Ring,” Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out with Sonya Isaacs, produced by Barry Bales, Cracker Barrel

On the Edge of Letting Go,” Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen with Tim O’Brien and Rob Ickes, produced by Frank Solivan & Brent Truitt, Compass Records

This Old Guitar and Me,” Grasstowne with Ronnie Bowman, produced by Ronnie Bowman & Grasstowne, Mountain Fever Records

What’ll I Do;” Terry Baucom with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Wyatt Rice, Steve Bryant & Buddy Melton; produced by Terry Baucom, Cindy Baucom and Ed Lowe; John Boy & Billy label

I would have replaced two or three of these with Peter Rowan’s “Keepin’ It Between the Lines (Old School),” features not only most of the Del McCoury Band, but also Michael Cleveland, Chris Henry, Bobby Osborne, and Jesse McReynolds as well as “The Devil Lives in A Mason Jar”  John Driskell Hopkins and Balsam  Range- heck, the John Driskill Hopkins and Balsam Range abum in its entirety, and “Itzbin Reel,” featuring John Reischman and Chris Thile. I just heard a snip making me believe Frank Solivan took it. That is the one I would have voted for. BTW, the Lonesome Road Review results are up over at

Just got the feed back, for a few seconds and heard Barry Bales’ name- must be Bass Player time.

Barry Bales

Mike Bub

Missy Raines

Mark Schatz

Marshall Wilborn were the nominees, and on my fake ballot I picked Bales. However, annually I would have Trisha Gagnon of the Jaybirds on my bass player ballot.

Signal gone again. Just about ready to give this up and go spend time with my spouse. Will blog my thoughts later on. No point in trying to guess what is going on. Disappointing, but no one’s fault- o, it’s back. And now it is gone. Others complaining, so it isn’t just me.

Correction, Twitter just told me that recorded event went to “What’ll I Do?” By Terry Baucom and Sam Bush, so my apologies for misleading you. I could edit, but that would be cheating.


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