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So, another quiet Friday evening in the Fervor Coulee bunker. I had about 50 minutes until Blue Bloods started and the PVR was pretty near empty. What to do? Read a book? Nah, let’s YouTube for Guy Clark. This is what I’ve watched for the last 50 minutes or thereabouts: Guy alone, Guy with Emmylou, Guy with Old Friends, and even a song with Guy not even singing- and yet, he still makes an appearance.

I just wished someone has recorded Guy singing with Rosanne at the Calgary Folk Music Festival in (I think) ’96. “Watermelon Dream” was magical in duet form; until the end here, its the only live performance of the song I’ve heard, that I recall at least. No other hints included- enjoy the journey; I sure did.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald




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