What’s cooler than Tom T. Hall and Jeannie C. Riley?   Leave a comment

You will be hard pressed to find a person in Alberta who appreciates Tom T. Hall more than me. I’m sure there is someone, but find him/her.

I highly doubt there is anyone in my neighbourhood who loves Jeannie C. Riley more than me- I have a few of her albums on the iThing.

But, maybe even cooler on this January evening, is Kelly Willis, Bruce Robison, and their pals recording “Harper Valley PTA” and posting the video. Not sure what their plan is with this- perhaps a second album together- but https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152519693524838&set=vb.40307134837&type=3&theater is a pretty good way to start the weekend.

The skirts may not be as short, but the hypocrisy continues.


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