Roots Song of the Week: Kim Beggs- Not Only, Only From the Whiskey

The first time I heard the song “The Bug” (written by Mark Knopfler) must have been the first time I listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s best selling album, Come On,Come On. There are twelve songs on that album, and scanning the album this evening I can ‘hear’ each of the songs in my head. I played that one a few times.

I tell you that to tell you this- “Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.”

Today, I feel a little like the bug.

We all know the challenges that we must face daily- depending on your life, those challenges can be personal or professional, easily handled or insurmountable, self-inflicted or out of your control.

br100x89Feeling a little low this evening, I could only come up with one song for my Roots Song of the Week. “Not Only, Only From the Whiskey” is a song that reminds us that things are not always as simple as they appear. Our challenges are sometimes at least partially self-inflicted, but quite often they are also random, a product of circumstances we could never have envisioned, could never have anticipated. Seldom are challenges the product of any one thing- not only, only from the whiskey then.

We didn’t ask for these challenges, but we have to face them. They aren’t necessarily fair. They just have to be dealt with- one at a time.

Late last year, Kim Beggs, one of Canada’s finest singers and songwriters, released Beauty and Breaking. As with Come On Come On, there isn’t a weak moment on this magnificent album. I’ll need to write a thorough review of the album one day soon- maybe Saturday if things work out- but, alongside Leeroy Stagger’s Truth Be Sold– I can almost surely guarantee that Beauty and Breaking will be on my 2014 Polaris Music Prize ballot.

You can listen to all of the songs, including “Not Only, Only From the Whiskey” on Kim’s website: and there is a live video performance of the song HERE which features album co-producer David Baxter.

The album package is equally stunning.

If you’re interested, my review of Beggs’ previous album Blue Bones can be found by clicking here.

As always, thank you for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald




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