Roots Song of the Week: Amy Black- Nobody Knows You

2314247When I first heard Amy Black almost three years back, I was immediately enamoured with her voice and style. My review of her album One Time can be found by following this link. This evening, I am championing her new and even more satisfying release, This Is Home. Dang, it is a good one- with a soft lilt, directness that is refreshing, and deeply moving and also moving instrumentation, Black has created another terrific release.

Although Boston-based, Black has Muscle Shoals on her mind and in her soul, and I don’t mean that figuratively; she tells a story of her Muscle Shoals-born Grandfather’s influence, and she recently released a four-track e.p. entitled The Muscle Shoals Session. There is a steamy, languid quality to Black’s music, a natural quality that permeates from her very character, and which she wisely chooses to highlight throughout her new album.

On these songs, it is all about emotion, evoking a sense of place and time, and making a connection through Black to the listener’s emotionally connected times and places.

Rather than have me stumble about trying to find the right description- and fail- how about you just click on over to YouTube and give “Nobody Knows You” a watch and listen. Then, try out “I’m Home,” a song that is ‘almost’ just as good (and extra points if you notice a certain Jackson Highway address.) Listen to the guitar work, from Will Kimbrough I believe, and try not to think to hard about Kate Campbell, Oxford American, and how you wish you were sitting under an elderly aunt’s magnolia right about now.

Amy Black is pert darn cool.

Thanks for paying a little bit of attention to Fervor Coulee, and thanks for supporting independent roots music.


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