Roots Song of the Week: Levi Lowrey- Trying Not To Die   Leave a comment

imagesAfter about age eight, my days as a daredevil ended. There was no one event that made me stop jumping into manure piles from the hayloft or which prevented me from running pell-mell down a hill into brambles. I believe I just realized- sometime after being swarmed and stung by wasps that had made their home in an old combine- that I didn’t really enjoy pain all that much.

Therefore, I can only appreciate the sentiment of Levi Lowrey’s “Trying Not to Die” through the haze of forty years, and in the experiences I’ve had as a teacher and school-based administrator over almost thirty years.

Lowrey’s self-titled sophomore album was released at the end of last month, and my review copy just showed up on the door step today. (Literally. A neighbour- I’m guessing- left the package outside my door- opened!- today. I presume it was placed in the wrong mailbox. I do wonder if they listened to it first.) I haven’t listened to the album yet- I’m about three weeks behind on my listening and writing; for me, one of those is a labourious process- but I do look forward to the album. I quite liked his first album, which I purchased via download around the time I was reviewing John Driskell Hopkins and Balsam Range’s album last year.

Anyhow, in recognition of that album actually making its way to me, despite the detour it took, I searched YouTube and found this clip of “Trying Not to Die” from Levi Lowrey. The clip is from more than a year ago, and there is a more recent one available, but the sound on this version is superior. As Guy Clark might suggest, you just have to trust your cape- doesn’t matter whether you are five or fifty.

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