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I’ve fallen behind with my Roots Song of the Week feature, and hope this week’s song makes up for that. Last week I was pleased to again visit Kansas City during my spring break, and that means an evening at The Record Bar to hear Bob Walkenhorst perform. The night was special in a number of ways including having “the” Robert from “Long Gone Long” in attendance and the unofficial early release of the new Rainmakers album. This was also my first opportunity to hear Bob with both Jeff Porter and Norm Dahlor, as Norm was on tour with The Elders the first time I was in Kansas City. I’ll write more about my latest Missouri adventure another time.

This week’s Roots Song of the Week is Bob, Jeff, and Norm performing my request of “Buck O’Neil.” I first became aware of Buckuntitled O’Neil when he guested on David Letterman a decade or so ago, and was reminded of him when I visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City last year. Of course, I have heard Bob play the song several times on shows posted to the Live Music Archive (Thanks, Jay!), but I requested the song last week as I hadn’t heard it recently and it fit with the theme that emerged during our Missouri trip, that being an examination of historical sites and personalities from the Show Me State. (BTW, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is a must-see when visiting KCMO; while some of the displays are showing wear, the overall experience is a feeling of immersion in under-known history. And the statues around the ball diamond takes my breath away every time.)

It is a really good song, and captures the breezy spirit that should always accompany baseball. I regret that I never met Buck O’Neil; I imagine he was a pistol. Bob and ’em nailed the song.

“Buck O’Neil” can be heard here, which is a link to the show from The Record Bar last Wednesday, April 16. It is the third song of the two hour set which- in my opinion- was also special because only one familiar cover song was performed. As much as I enjoy Bob and the guys playing both obscure covers and sing-a-longs, hearing almost two solid hours of Bob (and Jeff) songs was a darn treat.

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