Carlene Carter- Carter Girl review

thLives are full of regret.

Some are substantive- treating someone cruelly and without regard, overlooking a crocus when focused on a rose, not having the foresight to realize the importance of traveling but two hours to catch a Bill Monroe show- while others are mere annoyance- not catching a nap when you could have, thinking of the perfect comeback an hour too late, missing an exit sign heading to the Kansas City airport.

The trick- while it is vital to take responsibility for the error or the hurt cause- is not allowing regret to weigh you down, not allow challenge and nuisance to color the way you treat your world. Reading about the great Buck O’Neil recently made me more fully understand this.

I thought a lot about regret while listening to Carlene Carter’s beautiful new recording, Carter Girl. You won’t feel regret listening to this wonderful album, the product of a life at the core of modern country music history.

The link will get you to my review of Carter Girl, an album of Carter Family and Carter-influenced songs. It is the album I’ve been waiting for Carlene Carter to record since I heard her for the first time in ’83. Much has been written about this album since its release last month, and I am pleased to add my bit over at the Lonesome Road Review.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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