Roots Song of the Week: American Nomad- Country Mile

I’ve been distracted of late, and therefore have fallen behind on many things including my Roots Song of the Week series. I was hoping to go 52 weeks in succession, but…

shiloh-and-hassan-mediumWe’re back this week with a cut from a recently released album entitled Country Mile. The title track from American Nomad’s first disc has a lot going for it, from my perspective.

The vocal treatment is appealing. The male lead- Hassan El-Tayyab- is confident, but not overly aggressive. His is an amiable voice, one well suited to teaming up with Shiloh Parkerson, herself a fair vocal dynamo- sultry and tightly-wound.

The song has three distinct chapters, and nothing too much develops lyrically. As much as I love story songs and descriptive phrases, sometimes it is nice to just have singers play with words while expressing emotion. I’m not saying the lyrics have nothing too them- indeed, they do as it is a chain gang/indentured worker-type situation being experienced- but they are words that are scattered about like poetic pearls without narrative constraint.

I enjoy the song a little more each time I listen to it.

The instrumentation is acoustic and is from the same world as Crooked Still and Bearfoot.

The album is produced by Laurie Lewis, and that is what first caught my attention. Having listened to the album a couple times now, I am impressed by the sound she and the band have captured.

The band’s bio can be found here. No need for me to rehash it herein.

There is a clip of the band performing the song “Country Mile” on their website here. It is the fourth video box from the top.

Generously, they have provided us with a Soundstream of the entire album as well, and I have found it to be well worth the listen. I’ll write more about American Nomad in the coming weeks; I’m quite taken with their music.

Thanks for sticking with me- Donald



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