Roots Song of the Week: Stephen Fearing & Andy White- Emigrant Song

untitledGalaxie is one of the great music services offered in Canada. It is a streaming ‘radio’ service offered with some cable providers, and it is something I don’t take advantage of often enough. There is a large range of channels on offer, with my favourite naturally being Folk Roots.

I’m not in the habit of promoting corporations, but I mention Galaxie because- while listening yesterday morning- I was reminded of the absolute brilliance of Stephen Fearing & Andy White’s second album, Tea and Confidences.

I listened to this album a lot in March and April, but it fell off my radar during May. When I heard “Emigrant Song” again yesterday, the power of this duo resurfaced and I knew I had found this week’s Roots Song of the Week.

Fearing sings the first half of the song, and White takes over for the rest with Fearing joining back in on harmony. It captures the conflict that I imagine people must experience, people who- for whatever reason- feel forced to turn their back on the land of their birth: you’ve loved this land ‘from the first’, even when it is at its worst, but because ‘my country doesn’t want me’ you’ll head elsewhere.

It is a gorgeous song. There is a video of the song captured on someone’s phone available at the Fearing & White website, so please sample it there- but trust me, the song is well worth a download; heck, splurge and get the album.

By the way, it looks like Andy White is returning to Red Deer for a show in July– if my memory of Red Deer addresses is still accurate after two years absence, it is a house show. Also on his site are shows for Edmonton and Calgary.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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