Roots Song of the Week: Nu-Blu- Jesus and Jones

untitledI’ve been waiting more than a month to feature this song as my Roots Song of the Week. Until Friday, I couldn’t locate a version of the song online that was both complete and playable in Canada.

I downloaded the track from iTunes as soon as it became available at the end of July, and immediately love it. Not just the concept- a song pairing George Jones and Jesus doesn’t come along every day- but the execution. The vocal strength of Nu-Blu’s Carolyn Routh ideally complement’s Sam Moore’s pure soul intensity.

I think it is a terrific recording, and was absolutely tickled to be in the audience at Blueberry the first time Nu-Blu performed the song live. Unfortunately, the budget didn’t accommodate bringing up The Soul Man for the date.

There is no doubt the song is clever, but not ‘too’ much so. Every line ‘works’ within the context provided. It is not overly sentimental, but touches a perfect chord of reverence.

The complete video of “Jesus and Jones” is available here.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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