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Thanks to everyone who is stopping by Fervor Coulee for a visit tonight; I see the user numbers climbing. When I first blogged about the IBMA Awards five or so years back, I don’t think it was streaming anywhere and you could only hear the broadcast via Sirius XM. Hundreds followed along as social media like Twitter twernt around to deliver the news immediately. Many choices now.

I think the live broadcast this year has been pretty good, my streaming problems aside. I don’t want to risk refreshing for fear of losing my space in the queue. Okay, risked it…and all is good, but I think I’m still several minutes behind.

The Seldom Scene now being inducted by Katy Daly and Chris Eldridge. A well-written, beautifully presented induction speech from Chris. I’m not sure if I agree that only the ‘original’ line-up of the Seldom Scene is being inducted. Well-deserved obviously, but…The Seldom Scene continues and has been going ‘forever.’ I would be comfortable with all the long-time members’ names being on the plaque. Still upset I missed my chance to meet Tom Gray when he was playing with Emmylou in Calgary about six or seven years ago.

Once again, the IBMA waits too long with Mike Auldridge’s passing last year. Good to hear all the Seldom Scene members together, performing their signature song “Wait a Minute.” (You know you’ve heard a song too many times when you can accurately guess the song just by listening to the band tune!) An excellent performance, in my opinion. The voices are magic. That were special! Lou Reid!

I’m a few seconds behind still, I think. O well. In memorial, now. Just reading the names, not all of whom were bluegrassers certainly. Would have been nice to see pictures of some of the departed. More important to remember them.

Joe Mullins and Dale Ann Bradley up to present:


“Love Does” – Darin and Brooke Aldridge (artist), Flying (album), Jamie Johnson, Suzanne M. Johnson and Jenee Fleenor (writers), Darin and Brooke Aldridge (producers), Organic Record “The Day We Learn to Fly” – Volume Five (artist), The Day We Learn To Fly (album), Stacy Richardson and Leroy Drumm (writers), Volume Five (producers), Mountain Fever “Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus” – Donna Ulisse (artist), I Am a Child of God (album), Hazel Marie Houser (writer), Bryan Sutton and Donna Ulisse (producers), Hadley Music Group “When Sorrows Encompass Me Around” – The Boxcars (artist), It’s Just A Road (album), Paul Edgar Johnson (writer), The Boxcars (producer), Mountain Home “Won’t It Be Wonderful There” – Dailey & Vincent (artist), Brothers of the Highway (album), Mildred Styles Johnson (writer), Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent (producers), Rounder Records

Throw a dart…is my commentary. I don’t ‘like’ the heavy southern gospel influence that Dailey & Vincent bring to some of their recordings, but others obviously disagree.


“Dear Sister” – Claire Lynch (artist), Claire Lynch and Louisa Branscomb (writers) “Grandpa’s Way of Life” – The Spinney Brothers (artist), Mark ‘Brink’ Brinkman (writer) “It’s Just a Road” – The Boxcars (artist), William Keith Garrett (writer) “The Game” – Blue Highway (artist), Shawn Lane and Barry Bales (writers) “You Took All The Ramblin’ Out of Me” – The Boxcars (artist), Jerry Hubbard (writer)

My favourite songs usually don’t make it to the ballot. These are good songs, but I like the nostalgic washes “Grandpa’s Way of Life” evokes. Also, it is the only song of the five I can hum.

Turns out, folks like that Claire Lynch song. I don’t get it.









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