IBMA Awards 2014, Part 12   Leave a comment

For the evening’s final award:


Balsam Range Blue Highway Dailey & Vincent The Gibson Brothers The Del McCoury Band

I haven’t seen a whole lot of live bluegrass during the past two years, so I’m going on past experience and ‘word-of’mouth’ in naming The Gibson Brothers as most deserving of this award. Without doubt, the nominated groups have large fanbases and are enthusiastically received most everywhere they go. I’ve considered the Del McCoury Band the pinnacle of bluegrass performance of a couple decades, but the Gibsons are just a wee bit fresher in my mind, a touch more relaxed than BH, and, having heard a couple live shows, they’ve never made me cringe or hang my head as D&V almost always do.

I wrote the above before tonight’s broadcast, and have to wonder if Balsam Range isn’t going to sneak in and dethrone the Gibson Brothers this time. This award tends to go to performers in spurts- the last two times to the Gibsons, three times to Dailey & Vincent, a couple times in a row to The Grascals, and a bunch of times to Del and ‘Em. The Gibsons may have ‘one’ more in them, but…with a few weeks hindsight and considering what else has happened tonight, wouldn’t be surprised if Balsam Range gets it.

And. Balsam Range is the IBMA Entertainer of the Year, 2014. Hopefully, Blueberry Bluegrass booked them for next year ’cause the price is rising, I’m thinking.

And that is the show, except for the finale which I am simply going to enjoy: no idea what it will be, but it is usually special.

Thanks for visiting at Fervor Coulee tonight. Please come back, and consider following me on Twitter. And thanks to Music City Roots for streaming the show; for those of us thousands of kilometres from the north.

No finale?? Seriously? Must have blown the budget on the cloggers!

O, well.


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