IBMA Awards 2014, Part 4   Leave a comment

The hosts have hit the stage, Jerry Douglas and Lee Ann Womack, who has a deep bluegrass pedigree.

Yes, indeed- bluegrass must continue to evolve, as Jerry Douglas states. From a distance of 40+ years, it is hard to imagine that The Seldom Scene were edgy in their day. The Boxcars are the evening’s first performers, and it is great to hear Adam Steffey singing.

My stream is obviously lagging as the message board says Balsam Range has already won an award…sigh. I hate being behind!

VOCAL GROUP OF THE YEAR (my pick in italics)

Balsam Range Blue Highway Dailey & Vincent The Gibson Brothers Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

I think Balsam Range is poised to continue their ascension to the highest reaches of the bluegrass world. Of course, this award should go to AKUS and John Reischman & the Jaybirds in an annual rotation, but the voters saw things differently.

And, slightly delayed- the award goes to Balsam Range, and I have no problem with that- a band that has done a lot the last few years.


Jerry Douglas Andy Hall Rob Ickes Randy Kohrs Phil Leadbetter

Phil Leadbetter has been doing yeoman’s service in all sorts of configurations, most notably anchoring Dale Ann Bradley’s band. When I caught them last October, he again impressed me with his tasteful contributions.

According to the delayed broadcast, Uncle Phil has won the award for the second time! Is there a more beloved fellow in bluegrass?




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