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I listened to Phil Leadbetter’s new album last night, and it is a corker. His playing is just as good as ever, although it sounds like he may not yet quite think so. Good of him to thank Dale Ann Bradley and mention Mike Auldridge. I attended the IBMA Awards show only once and one of the highlights was seeing Phil awarded Dobro Player of the Year. A genuinely gentle man.

Claire Lynch performing. Nothing against her, but she isn’t performing my bluegrass. Very sleepy. I have enjoyed her music in the past, but not recently.

Can’t get the IBMA site to come up with the recipient history; I knew I should have switched to Chrome last night. Actually thought about it, but…

I am disappointed that the stream I am watching is delayed, but will continue to provide my 2 cents worth.


“Five Miles to Milan” – The Grascals (artist), When I Get My Pay (album), Danny Roberts (writer), The Grascals (producer), Mountain Home “Graveyard Fields” – Steep Canyon Rangers (artist), Tell The Ones I Love (album), Mike Guggino (writer), Larry Campbell (producer), Rounder Records “Johnny Don’t Get Drunk” – Adam Steffey (artist), New Primitive (album),  Public Domain, Adam Steffey (producer), Organic “Skillet Head Derailed” – The Boxcars (artist), It’s Just a Road (album), Ron Stewart (writer), The Boxcars (producer), Mountain Home “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”- Special Consensus with Buddy Spicher, Michael Cleveland and Alison Brown (artists), Country Boy: A Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver (album), John Martin Sommers (wrtier), Alison Brown (producer), Compass Records

I don’t believe “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” has a chance, but I still picked it because I think the album from which it is culled was overlooked in the album of the year category. I liked this category when albums could be awarded the prize; I think it was more meaningful rather than just recognizing the ‘token’ instrumental from five different albums.

And the award goes to…The Special C “Thank God…” I am shocked, but pleasantly so. Greg Cahill’s first IBMA Award. I am now 3 for 3!


Barry Bales Mike Bub Missy Raines Mark Schatz Darrin Vincent

Barry Bales, because AKUS needs to win something. And, he is more than solid; I love his sound.

And the award goes to…I need to leave now and get to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket. Barry Bales. 4/4, which is starting to scare me.


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