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Missed mentioning that I still think Trisha Gagnon is criminally overlooked as a bass player, but The Jaybirds are used to being ignored by the IBMA.

The Gibson Brothers performing an Everly Brothers song. Good to hear Jesse Brock, who was a member of the first US band the Waskasoo Bluegrass Music Society brought to Red Deer, the Lynn Morris Band. He also came through with Michael Cleveland, and maybe one other group…but I could be confusing myself.

I think I am now on the live stream, which is good. Still can’t believe I called the first four awards. Jerry Douglas: pretty deadpan.


Jens Kruger Mike Munford Noam Pikelny Sammy Shelor Ron Stewart

I still claim Mike Munford won last year because many voters thought he had something to do with Mumford & Sons. How else to explain his quick rise in a world that moves slower than an episode of True Detective? Still, he is a heck of a player. Noam Pikelny, for my money, did the hardest work in producing the Noam Pikelny Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe album.

At least that is the award I am assuming Bela and Tony are presenting. Man, good thing they can play banjo ’cause they sing about as well as me!

Male Vocalist is what they are doing! Change pages quickly.


Del McCoury Buddy Melton Tim O’Brien Frank Solivan Dan Tyminski

I don’t know if I’ve always said this, but Del could win this one just about any year. Still, Jim Nunally remains criminally overlooked. I wonder how close the votes will be- I could see a 25-20-20-20 15 kinda breakdown. All deserving of recognition, but dang- the list is a bit stale.

I’m finally wrong! Surprised that Buddy Melton won this one, but not overly. Balsam Range is breaking out tonight. Nice acceptance speech, Buddy.

Now, the Banjo award…see above for my thoughts. I’d have no prob with any of them winning…and Noam Pikelny does. I am now five for six. A well-deserved win for someone who made a challenging and truly bluegrass album this year. Nice speech, too.


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