IBMA Awards 2014, Part 7   Leave a comment

Lee Ann Womack performing with the larges bluegrass outfit this side of Kentucky Thunder. I’m having trouble hearing her voice in this mix, or maybe she is just singing very softly. Some high-priced talent up there with her- a couple Rambling Rooks, even.

Murphy Henry and Bill Evans tipping the hat to bluegrass music teachers.


Dale Ann Bradley Alison Krauss Claire Lynch Amanda Smith Rhonda Vincent

As long as she’s singing, Dale Ann will get my vote. When I see Claire Lynch’s name, I always pause because I don’t find her interpretation of swing-infused bluegrass terribly interesting. AK, RV, and Amanda are all stellar, but so are Laurie Lewis, Kathy Kallick, Trisha Gagnon, and a range of other vocalists.

Nice to hear Amanda Smith to get a big round as her nomination was announced.

I am shocked that Amanda Smith won! I didn’t anticipate that, but man- a long time coming. Surely no one can complain about this award! I spoke to her just for a few minutes at Blueberry, and I couldn’t be happier for her. See, I’m not a total jerk!


Tony Rice James Alan Shelton Kenny Smith Tim Stafford Bryan Sutton

Actually surprised to see Tim Stafford’s name here, pleasantly so. All are great players, and while it may seem sentimental to be pulling for James Alan Shelton, the work he did for so many years with Ralph Stanley (and on his own albums) deserves recognition this time out.

Bryan Sutton wins. Again. For the eighth time. Still, a lovely bluegrass moment as his emotions get the best of him.

Nice to hear and watch the Noam Pikelny album band.


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