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Detour Flatt Lonesome The Spinney Brothers Town Mountain Volume Five

In all fairness, The Spinney Brothers have been emerging for some twenty years, so they are out. Flatt Lonesome took a huge step with their second album, so they deserve consideration, but they are a bit too clean for my tastes. I’m going with Town Mountain simply because I believe they are the strongest, and have the most depth and best songs, of these five groups.

Well, my batting percentage has dropped considerably over the past half hour. I’m guessing Flatt Lonesome is going to take this one, now, rather than Town Mountain- Town Mountain is just a tad dirty for the IBMA… I was right. See, make enough guesses and you’ll be right. I just got the feeling- seeing the band in the audience- that they were poised to win. A near meaningless award, I think, except to the winners.


Sam Bush Sierra Hull Frank Solivan Adam Steffey Chris Thile

There is usually at least one ‘new’ name awarded each year, and I’m going to go with Solivan this time out. The buzz seems right.

Jason Carter tells the Ronnie McCoury-Bill Monroe IBMA award story, and then is upped by his co-presenter, whose name I missed.

Nothing- absolutely nothing- wrong with Adam Steffey winning, but I did think either Solivan or Hull might sneak in this time. Five years in a row, eleventh overall. Bluegrass acceptance speeches are usually so classy and heartfelt. Natch.


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