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Della Mae performing now. Their album of last year didn’t grab me the way it should have; I’ll need to go back and give it another chance. Nothing wrong with this song. The evening seems to be moving along, only one instrument award left, but several of the higher profile awards to go.

Is it just me, or does the IBMA Awards broadcast have good commercials. Love the theme, too.

Lee Ann and writers- not the right time for a stunt.

Induction of Dr. Neil Rosenberg into the Hall of Fame. My stream has just bit the dust and has recycled to the start of the bit…for the third time.

Here we go- Fred Bartenstein and Gary Reid up to do the honours. Well deserved to our friend from Newfoundland. I’ve learned more from reading his articles, liner notes, box set companions, and books than I have from any other source.

I just hope he had his facts right! I really like that Neil mentioned the importance of Mr. Monroe, who sometimes is treated lightly these days- mostly stories told that put him in a slightly negative or precious light.

My stream is a long way behind now, so apologies. The Spinney Brothers performing in honour of Neil, with triple fiddle support from Ron, Jason, and Michael. Good song, “I Got All that From Bill.” Don’t think I’ve heard that one before.


“American Pickers”- The Grascals with Dierks Bentley (artists), The Grascals (producer), Mountain Home “Keepin’ It Between the Lines (Old School)” – Peter Rowan with Bobby Osborne, Jesse McReynolds, Ronnie McCoury and Del McCoury (artists), Alison Brown (producer), Compass Records “Martha White, Lester & Earl” – Terry Baucom with Marty Raybon & Buddy Melton (artists), Terry and Cindy Baucom (producers), John Boy and Billy Records “Wild Montana Skies” – Special Consensus with Claire Lynch & Rob Ickes (artists), Alison Brown (producer), Compass Records “Wild Mountain Honey” – Junior Sisk and Joe Mullins (artists), Junior Sisk and Joe Mullins (producers) Rebel Records

Let’s take these one at a time. “American Pickers,” likely the most awkward and contrived bluegrass song of the year. “Keepin’ It Between the Lines” was eligible last year, as was the album from which it was culled; I really like the song and performance, but it is (literally) so last year. “Wild Montana Skies” is a really good recording, from a terrific album. It seems silly that any one song from the Sisk & Mullins Hall of Fame album was singled out over any other. Still, “Wild Mountain Honey” is a gooder. The Terry Baucom album is terrific, underheard most likely, and the song “Martha White, Lester, & Earl” got significant airplay- and I don’t have the stats to back me up, so I’m going by memory- for the past year. As in the Instrumental category, I would like to see albums competing here, as it used to be, not ‘one-off’ songs.

So, who wins? Just realized that the Grascals are near absent this year. I’d love to see Special C get another award!

Wow! 2 awards for Greg Cahill and Special Consensus…and it only took 25 years! Just to be clear, I know Claire Lynch can sing. And I know she can sing bluegrass. It just is…she doesn’t sing bluegrass most of the time.

And kudos to the producers of the show for allowing all the band members a chance to speak.


Jason Carter Michael Cleveland Stuart Duncan Bobby Hicks Ron Stewart

Michael Cleveland has won this nine times of the past 13 years, but not in the last two. That he produced a terrific album this year, and is a band leader, also goes in his favour. Still, Ron Stewart is a consistent bluegrass presence, as is Carter.

Jason Carter take the award, for the second time in a row, fifth overall. Hard to argue as he played so well on my choice for Album of the Year. Nice to hear him say he listens to a lot of bluegrass music at home; fairly common for performers to site other music as their ‘favourite.’






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