Barnstar!- Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! review   Leave a comment

W169I like me some Barnstar!

Had I not fallen under Mark Erelli’s spell seven or eight years ago, I might never have heard of this part-time bluegrass outfit. Based out of the Boston area (kinda), they don’t garner airplay of Sirius and Bluegrass Junction (as far as I know,) they haven’t found themselves on the cover of Bluegrass Unlimited, and they don’t show up on the Bluegrass Today chart.

But, if I was still in a position to do so, I would be trying to convince my Alberta bluegrass compadres that we should be bringing the group north for some shows.

This is their second album and is filled with songs, both original and covers, that will move you, shake you, and kick you out when they are done with you. The album is so good, my favourite song on it, “Trouble,” only gets a passing mention in the review! Lonesome Road Review published it. Thanks, Aaron.

Give them a listen on the YouTube. “Stay With Me,” indeed! Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee.


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